With his philosophy that “love is an action, not a feeling,” Alex Woodard has built his For The Sender: Love Is (Not A Feeling) charity project, which manifests in books, albums and live performances filled with true stories of hope and of overcoming adversity through loving actions. For the project, people (“the senders”) mail their stories to Woodard who creates art, as the name suggests, “for the sender.” 

“Breathe The Sky” co-written by New Found Glory's Jordan Pundik was inspired by the story of a man whose best friend was stricken with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and how he was forever changed by his unrelenting love of life.

“For The Sender is an emotionally-charged project with a direct connection to people's stories, which is why I think Jordan and I resonate so deeply with the songs; we're really singing them for someone who sent us a letter,” Woodard explains. “Writing and producing with him is rewarding for me because he brings so much life and energy and honesty to his performances. This particular performance of 'Breathe The Sky' was emotional for him because Dan, the man whose story we wrote the song about, was in the audience, and you can feel it.”

For the concert in this video, which was held at the Star Theater in Oceanside, Ca., all proceeds benefitted the Feeding the Soul Foundation.