(photo by Jason Tang)

Grieves' debut full-length for Rhymesayers, Together/Apart, is due June 21. Packaged together with the album is a DVD, Present/Tensea documentary focused on Grieves and producer pal Budo during the Together/Apart sessions; the doc is full of live performances, studio video and other exclusive footage. Of the DVD, Grieves says:

Present/Tense is an interesting component to the record. I think it bridges the gap between myself and the fans. It's a personal piece on what it was like creating the record, where I was emotionally when I wrote the record, and talks about the stress, joy, confusion, and clarity that comes with having this as a full time job. The DVD follows us from the studio to the stage, from the stage to the hotel, an from the hotel to home. For anyone who ever wondered why we do what we do and how we do it.. This is for you you. For anyone who wonders about the person on the other side of the record.. This is who we are…”

Check out the trailer, which features a never-before-heard song called “Prize Fighter.”