Video Premiere: Driver Friendly, “Lost Boys” (Live Recording Session)

February 19, 2013
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“Every person was filmed individually and in one take, so what you see is actual what you are hearing,” said Driver Friendly of this live clip. “It's almost like a hybrid of a studio and live recording.”  Other fun facts about this video shoot: It was recorded on a Sunday morning and the location where it was shot hosted a wedding immediately after, It bummed out the neighbors (“[they]  tried to shut us down because we were 'just too darn loud'”) and there's a surprise in every shot.

“If you look closely you can find a white snow tiger head in the background of every shot.  His name is Tourpy and he is our defender and protector while on tour.  He was purchased at a gas station in west Texas for $18 and is was also used as a model for one of our shirts,” said Driver Friendly.

If you like what you hear, you can purchase this song on the 2013 Love Is Hopeless compilation, and catch Driver Friendly at our 2013 100 Bands You Need to know SXSW showcase and in the April issue of the magazine!

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Written by Cassie Whitt