Seattle, Washington’s Awaken The Empire are teaming up with AP to bring you their new music video for “Insomniacs Unite.” The band will release their debut album this July on Another Century Records. You can catch them on tour with 10 years and Nonpoint this summer.

“I want to be a force that pushes people to fight for themselves, and fight for their dreams,” says vocalist Damien Lawson. “In the ‘Insomniacs Unite’ video, I deliberately took on the role of the White Rabbit, to represent my desire to be a beacon for all those that feel lost in life, and to inspire and compel people to start their own journey of self fulfillment.

“The song is an anthem for people that know in their hearts their dreams are worth fighting for… For the ones that know they can’t control time, but know they can fight to control their own destiny.

“There are so many people in this world that feel trapped. Trapped in a life they resent, working a job they can’t stand just to barely survive… Everyday they struggle, because they know in their hearts that they’re destined for greater things. ‘Insomniacs Unite’ is about empowering people to fight for there future, and fight for the lives they know they deserve.”