If you’re anything like us, you’ve listened to Waterparks’ impossibly catchy song “Blonde” about 10,000 times over the past year. But, you’ve definitely never heard the track like this before.

For the first time ever, Waterparks swapped instruments and played as OTTOPARKS. They band gave a clandestine performance in the world famous Cleveland Agora’s basement on their Entertainment North American Tour.

Drummer turned lead vocalist Otto Wood fronted Ottoparks. Geoff Wigington played rhythm guitar and former lead singer/rhythm guitarist Awsten Knight takes his place behind the drum kit. By drum kit, we really mean a snare with a towel over the head…

If you love the Ottoparks’ “Blonde” as much as we did, keep your eyes peeled. An encore performance of “We Need To Talk” is coming soon and only on APTV.

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Waterparks are currently out on the road on their own headlining tour, but they certainly aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

ONE OK ROCK announced a 25-date North American tour to kick off in February 2019. The band are taking Waterparks and Stand Atlantic out as support.

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Like many bands and pop artists, Waterparks are the subject of the assumption that all of their fans are 13-year-old girls. While clearly there’s nothing wrong with a 13-year-old girl as many reading this currently are or have once been, the general population of music fans seems to like to make bands and their fans feel bad about the latter’s gender or age.

Waterparks are no exception to this as frontman Awsten Knight proved on Twitter in October. The vocalist revealed that despite assumptions, based on streaming behavior, the band’s fans are not all tweens.

Given the data presented, 14 percent are under 18, and the same is true for ages 28 to 34. However, ages 18 to 22 are the demo who listens to the band most.

“I asked for our demographic based on streams and hey look there are just as many 16 year olds as there are 30 year olds,” he says. “I wouldn’t even mind if it was, but I’d like it if people would quit acting like our fanbase is a bunch of tweens because it’s not—shout out to the tweens thou[ugh].”

The age of Waterparks’ listeners isn’t the only thing shocking about their fanbase, however, as the gender is pretty evenly split with 56 percent female, 42 percent male and 2 percent non-binary.

“And for the weird sexist people that for some reason like to belittle an artist’s fanbase because they’re majority ‘female,’ hey, hello, shit is almost 50/50, captain,” he explains. “Either way, I’m just thankful anyone listens to us at all, so if you’re one of these people, thank you.”