artist friendly podcast
[Courtesy of 'Artist Friendly']

Alternative Press Presents: Artist Friendly, a new music podcast hosted by Good Charlotte's Joel Madden

Alternative Press is proud to announce Artist Friendly, a new music podcast hosted by Good Charlotte frontman, television personality, and entrepreneur Joel Madden. Premiering Friday, Jan. 20, Artist Friendly features candid conversations between Madden and fellow alternative artists about their careers and creative process.

The first episode welcomes alternative rocker DE’WAYNE, who is fresh off the release of his infectious sophomore album My Favorite Blue Jeans, and a whirlwind past few years spent dominating the festival circuit. Throughout the nearly hour-and-a-half-long conversation, DE’WAYNE and Madden reflect on their roots, artistic accomplishments, passions, work ethic, and the long journey they took to get to where they are today as influential figures across alternative culture.

The beauty of this introspective chat and the stacked first wave of episodes on the way is that Madden has a true appreciation and respect for his guests who are often close friends and collaborators. As a result, every conversation holds a considerable amount of depth and uplifting qualities that will leave you motivated with a better understanding of life in the pursuit of art.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about your favorite artists on a deeper level and score an inside look into the minds of the scene’s most exciting talents, then Artist Friendly is a can’t-miss podcast. Artist Friendly can be streamed wherever you listen to podcasts and music, including Spotify, Apple Music, iHeart, as well as Youtube, where filmed episodes will become available.

Continue to check Alternative Press for weekly announcements of upcoming episodes, future guests, and exclusive content related to Artist Friendly.