If you’ve ever wondered how ride or die Attila are for their fans, then rest assured. Frontman Fronz eliminated any shadow of a doubt Wednesday at their Las Vegas show as security guards were allegedly roughing up those in attendance for the band’s headlining tour. The frontman retaliated by throwing a punch and making a statement from the stage of the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas Strip.

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“Fuck this shit, we’re never playing Vegas again,” Fronz says in the below Instagram post. “You lost this shit because your bullshit security motherfuckers.”

He follows up the sentiment by punching one of the venue staff members in the back of the head and continuing to yell profanities at him.

“You’re gonna kick out our fucking fans because they crowdsurf?” he adds. “Fuck you, fuck you, you fucking bitch.”

Fronz then continued to retaliate by throwing a mic stand and then his microphone before walking off the stage.

Josh Watson, a fan in attendance at the show, shared footage of the band’s set and described it as “short-lived.”

“Well the [Attila] show was short lived,” Watson says on Instagram. “[It] was a solid [six-]song set before the Hard Rock Cafe security fucked everything up and caused the show to end 45 minutes early. Kinda annoyed! You guys need new security!”

Soon after the show, Fronz took to his own Instagram to go live and express frustration over the situation.

“Don’t fuck with Attila fans. Attila fans mean no harm, good energy. If you don’t understand the good energy, fuck you, we’ll fucking fight you.”

Fronz said it himself!! | #Attila #Metal #Metalcore #Fronzilla #ChrisFronzak

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The frontman also took to Twitter to vent about the situation that unfolded, starting with announcing they had to fight security “again” and apologizing to Las Vegas.

The prior incident Fronz is referring to dates back to February 2017 when they stood up for fans being harmed by security in Milwaukee.

Fronz continued to emphasize “good vibes only” after the Vegas show and apologized for canceling the rest of their set before stating that allegedly the “cops are after [him] now.”

The band made it out of Vegas unscathed, however, according to guitarist Chris Linck.

Bassist Kalan Blehm also chimed in with the super-appropriate hashtag “#DontDamageMyFans.”

Attila are currently on the road for Rage Fest with support from Suicide Silence, Volumes, SPITE and Cross Your Fingers. You can view the remaining dates below.

08/23 – San Diego, CA @ The Observatory North Park
08/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda Theatre
08/25 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom