Paige Owens


Afterlife's Tyler Levenson embraced vulnerability to make 'Part Of Me'

The first time this writer saw Afterlife perform in 2018, the band’s energy erupted against the small club walls that worked their hardest to confine them. With only a few singles out ahead of their debut release, it was indisputable that the group were willing to put in a relentless effort to become industry giants […]

Keir on challenging gender norms, taking inspiration from Prince and more

Fusing inspiration from Prince, David Bowie, Amy Winehouse and more, Keir is already on the path to greatness. Filling his discography with releases that exemplify his vulnerability and values, Keir is pushing past intolerance and creating a space where he and his fans can be exactly who they want to be—dresses and all. Through each […]

MAX and Ali Gatie talk story & meaning behind “Butterflies” collab

Max Schneider, performing simply as MAX, is an artist who leaves every ounce of emotion in the recording booth and bears his soul across his discography. Hailing from New York City, MAX grew up on Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, Etta James and “anybody [where] you could hear their passion through their voice and their vocals.” […]

Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr reveals who he would want on his dream lineup

BEST THING ABOUT THE U.K. The people. More specific than that, though, the humor. As soon as we began seeing how exotic and incredible other parts of the world are, it became easy to come to the conclusion [that] the U.K. is just doom and gloom. But coming home from a long tour away, it’s […]

Badflower and blackbear defy musical expectations in issue 397

Over the last several years, music genres have become more and more muddied by artist experimentation, fusing sounds on the opposite end of the spectrum and releasing collabs that span across the board. Gone are the days of searching for music based on its classification: pop punk, hip-hop, emo, rock. It hardly matters anymore. Instead, […]

Meet twin duo Softcult and hear their brand-new track "Spit It Out"

Mercedes and Phoenix Arn-Horn are the yin and yang to one another—and it has absolutely nothing to do with their coincidentally dark and light hair colors. The twins credit a creative “synergy” while working in tandem and have forged their own musical journey reminiscent of their influences, but with a more confident and optimistic perspective […]

Nandi Bushell shares her biggest influences and upcoming musical endeavors

Nandi Bushell may be emanating the kind of energy and enthusiasm only a kid is capable of when she joins our Zoom call on a Sunday afternoon while she’s not in school, but she’s also a kid who could kick half of the alternative music community’s asses in a drum battle—including, but not limited to, […]

KennyHoopla and Eyedress are revolutionizing alternative as we know it

After more than a year devoid of live performances, with countless album and project delays, there’s no doubt that 2021 has delivered some exciting releases. Making his Alternative Press cover debut shortly after releasing his latest eight-track project, SURVIVORS GUILT: THE MIXTAPE//, alongside blink-182’s Travis Barker, KennyHoopla is breaking ground for the next generation of […]

Amy Lee, Taylor Momsen, Maria Brink & Lzzy Hale discuss the state of rock

In part one of this round-table conversation, Amy Lee, Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen and Maria Brink flipped the script. “I was thinking women’s empowerment is if we didn’t talk about women’s empowerment at all and actually spent this hour talking about our music and what we do,” Lee suggested. So, they highlighted their new albums and discussed why people […]
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