Due to coronavirus, Bad Religion were forced to cancel their tour with Alkaline Trio. Despite this setback, the band have been using the new downtime to their advantage.

In a new interview, vocalist Greg Graffin reveals that Bad Religion plan to release various new singles during the pandemic.

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Since their 2020 tour plans are canceled, Bad Religion have been spending a lot of time in the studio. As a result, they have a lot of new music they are itching to share with listeners.

Earlier this month, Bad Religion unveiled "Faith Alone 2020" which follows up 2019's Age of UnreasonThe song is an alternative version of "Faith Alone," off of 1990's Against The Grain, and was produced by guitarist Brett Gurewitz.

In an exclusive interview with Alternative Press, Graffin opened up about the song and why Bad Religion decided to revisit it so many years later.

"If you can write it for some universal human experience that isn’t just what’s happening today but might actually become more relevant in the future," he says. "One of the great things about Bad Religion is that it’s always given us a place to write about topical things that are timeless. And, of course, faith. The tension between faith and science and reason and unreason are almost universal. They’re human experiences that go on and on. What we resolve today will hopefully get us a little closer to that apex of enlightenment. But there’ll be more hurdles to cross, I’m sure."

Now, Graffin shares that this song won't be the only new material released during the pandemic.

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In an interview with New York's Q104.3 radio station, Graffin shares that the band are keeping themselves busy by working on new music. In fact, they plan to release "a string of other singles" during the pandemic.

"A band is a lot more than just playing live, so we've tried to maintain our sanity and offer something to the fans," he says. "We just put out a single called 'Faith Alone 2020,' you can find it on streaming services. And we've got a string of other singles that are gonna be coming out during this time. Because when we're not on tour, we spend a lot of time in the studio."

Each member of Bad Religion have their own music rooms and access to Pro Tools. This allows them to write and record music in a way that is socially-distant, but still collaborative.

"And now we all have music rooms and we all have Pro Tools studios at our houses," Graffin continues. "And we're trying to fill in the time by doing creative, collaborative works like that."

In the radio interview, Graffin further opens up about the future of live music. He believes that booking future tours and shows may be difficult since so many artists will be doing the same. Especially as venues continue to close amid the pandemic, there many fewer places for musicians to play in the future.

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"As far as getting out there and playing, there's only a certain number of venues, and everyone's gonna be wanting to get out into those venues," he says. "So it remains to be seen how we're going to partition the tours in the next year. But bands like Bad Religion, certainly, we have committed ourselves — we've already sold tickets, and I think those will be honored in the normal way."

Earlier this month, author Jim Ruland’s Do What You Want, the official Bad Religion biography, was released. The book gives insight into Bad Religion, one of SoCal punk's long-running groups, over the past few decades.

You can order Jim Ruland’s book Do What You Want here. Check out Greg Graffin's interview with New York's Q104.3 radio station and “Faith Alone 2020” below.

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