balenciaga speaker bag
[Photo via YouTube]

Balenciaga said it's time to listen to music in style

Balenciaga and Bang & Olufsen’s latest collaboration is sure to turn heads. The brands have joined forces to create a hardshell handbag with a high-fidelity speaker embedded within.

The bag made its first appearance July 6 during Balenciaga’s 51st couture showcase.

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This unlikely amalgam of style and studio-grade audio equipment is surprisingly sleek in its construction. Smooth angles slope outward and lend a certain grace to the massive grill on the purse’s front. On the back is a compartment big enough to hold a precious few items — keys, a phone and maybe a wallet too, if you’re lucky.

The bag is made of aluminum, which has been pearl-blasted, anodized and hand-polished at Bang & Olufsen’s factory in Denmark. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, offering a fully wireless experience.

Twenty editions of the bag are available to purchase at Balenciaga’s new couture store in Paris.