blink-182’s iconic track “What's My Age Again?” inspires birthday cakes, graduation caps and more to this day. In the song, the band sing, “No one likes you when you're 23,” a grim but accurate statement according to many blink fans.

In a recent Twitter exchange, the pop-punk act referenced one of their most popular Enema Of The State songs with a hilarious warning.

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With that being said, it makes sense that the trio have us pondering getting older and what exactly that looks like. Below are 10 hilarious memes involving blink-182 that talk all about growing up (but maybe not always acting your age).

Missing those teen years like...

Remember the Zac Efron movie they made called 17 Again? Would you head back to that age if you could? It seems like Mark Hoppus might make that decision.

Teaching your kids about blink is just good parenting

As a parent, could you even be mad? That behavior may deserve a reward once that kid gets home.

This is how most college kids live in dorms

Using the microwave is growth for sure. Next stop: learning how to use an Easy-Bake oven.

Hopefully, we don't age as poorly as this...

This generation isn't fucked up because we have an appreciation for all genres and artists. Who would have ever suspected shows with both Lil Wayne and blink-182 would ever happen? The future is bright for more odd but cool lineups.

Future generations will be told the tales of Tom DeLonge

We posted it on Instagram, and we have to post it again. Undoubtedly, many of us will be blink-182 fans until we die. That means our grandchildren will learn Enema Of The State in its entirety. They’ll also be educated on Tom DeLonge's theory about Jesus being surrounded by aliens at his birth.

Business casual turns to business punk real quick

You can fool people in the workplace to think you’re super serious and professional. Little does everyone know you're punk at heart and ready to look for fellow music fans who haven't lost touch with their favorite genres.

"Adulting" at its finest

Going to bed at a decent time goes from a want to a need once you hit a certain age. After you get all cozy in bed at 9 p.m., you can still fall asleep to your favorite songs. Who's stopping you? A+ for being responsible and punk.

Nobody likes you when you're 23 is just the truth...

To everyone graduating college and stuck in this shitshow of an age, don't even worry. You'll be 24 soon, right? One more birthday and you'll be out of the cursed year coined by blink-182.

At a certain age, things just hurt

It's rude how one day you wake up with your back hurting, and it just never stops. At least you can bring it up in every conversation you have at work.

Waiting for albums isn't just for punk teens

Hey, some of us may have gray hairs, backaches and a healthy knowledge of tax forms, but that doesn't mean we're not staying up until midnight to catch a new blink-182 drop. OK, in all fairness, it may need to wait until the morning, but there will be a listening party, nonetheless.