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[Photos via: Jess Bowen/Spotify, Nandi Bushell/YouTube, Ada Juarez/Lindsey Byrnes, Taylor Gordon/YouTube]

10 women drummers who are inspiring the next generation of musicians

At this point, many of us are aware that the music industry is male-dominated when it comes to band leaders. However, when you look at musicians drumming at the back of the stage, there are even fewer women in that position.

By showcasing some of our favorite women in the drumming world today, we’re proving that ladies can beat the skins with ease and are so cool, they’ll make young people everywhere aspire to be just like them.

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Here are 10 drummers we love and look up to today who are inspiring the young musicians of tomorrow.

Jess Bowen

It’s fair to say that Jess Bowen is a household name in scene kid homes. Bowen has made waves in the industry, playing for the Summer Set, 3OH!3, Tessa Violet, Alice Glass and others. Her influence in the scene as a female drummer is unmatched, and she’s truly a role model who is, for lack of more journalistic verbiage, rad AF. Her playing is high-energy, and she makes it look completely seamless, no matter which song she’s playing. Recently, she started an idobi Radio podcast with fellow touring musician Bowie Jane. The duo interview fellow women in the industry on Babes Behind The Beats, and their stacked guest lineup includes Cassadee Pope, Chrissy Costanza and more. Young people can definitely learn a ton about the music industry and find encouragement through these amazing interviews, as well as in every Bowen performance. 

Nandi Bushell

Nandi Bushell is perhaps one of the coolest drummers in the game, who also happens to be just 10 years old. Bushell rose to fame with her YouTube covers and caught the attention of rock ‘n’ roll’s biggest icons such as Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, the members of Muse and more. In fact, Foo Fighters and Nirvana’s very own Dave Grohl referred to her as the “best drummer in the world.” Grohl even had a drum-off with her and might’ve been beaten. You tell us what you think. If she’s this fabulous now, we can’t even fathom how she will change music in innovative and refreshing ways. The future is bright for this tiny queen, and her music adventure is just beginning.

Taylor Gordon, “The Pocket Queen”

Taylor Gordon, aka “The Pocket Queen,” is drumming royalty. She has grooved onstage with the likes of Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, the 8G Band on Late Night With Seth Meyers and more major celebs. She’s a celebrity in the drumming world and has millions of views on her drum covers of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America,” George Kranz’s “Din Daa Daa” and James Brown’s “Super Bad.” On her YouTube channel, you can actually watch Gordon grow as a musician and learn her chops—she recorded and posted her “Road To Chops” series as she learned new techniques while studying at Berklee. Not only is she always “in the pocket,” but she also has a flair and groove to her work. With an evident passion for each hit, it’s no wonder people look up to and hope to play like her. Fortunately, you can pick up tips and tricks from her YouTube page and from her “Pocket University” located on Patreon. You can also check out Gordon as she ventures into solo work. Her debut single “We Came To Move” dropped Feb. 1 and features multi-instrumentalist Ryck Jane.

Jessica Burdeaux

Jessica Burdeaux is one busy drummer, as she’s in alternative band City Mouth, posting tips on TikTok, recording killer covers on her YouTube page and more. In fact, she recently wrote and performed drums on Rob Scallon’s new track, “Anchor.” Burdeaux has such a wide following and effect on the drum community, and this Ludwig Drums-sponsored musician even performed on Late Night With Seth Meyers, as well. Inspired by Travis Barker, she has an unapologetic style that will make you want to groove right along with her. Some of her covers include Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine,” Marshmello’s and Juice WRLD’s “Come & Go” and even the Brooklyn Nine-Nine theme song. Frankly, Burdeaux can play anything and everything. If you keep a close eye on this talented musician, you may learn a few things yourself.

Sarah Jones

English musician Sarah Jones isn’t your typical touring drummer. This fabulous musician plays for none other than Harry Styles. Beyond this insane gig, she’s played for Puscifer, Bat For Lashes, Bloc Party and Hot Chip. She’s also worked on her own projects, Pillow Person and NYPC. Essentially, this touring and session drummer is showing young people that they can handle multiple wildly cool projects and tackle any genre they put their minds to. All in all, if you work hard enough, you might just be playing with a member of One Direction one day.

Ada Juarez

Meet Me @ The Altar’s drummer may be new to your playlist, but she’s been jamming scene music on her kit for years. Ada Juarez started her YouTube channel in 2011 and gained lots of traction as she covered twenty one pilots, Harry Styles, My Chemical Romance and other scene icons. By far, her most popular upload has been “Heavydirtysoul,” where she has more than half a million views. Now, Juarez is far too busy playing MMATA hits such as “Garden” and “May The Odds Be In Your Favor.” You can also check out their single that just dropped and is appropriately titled “Hit Like A Girl,” which is perfect to listen to today and every day. Soon, young people across the globe will be posting their covers of Juarez’s originals. That’s definitely a full-circle moment.

Kristina Schiano

With more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and astounding gear partnerships, Kristina Schiano is a complete idol for young drummers. Her impressive covers includes scene stars such as Evanescence, Green Day, System Of A Down and My Chemical Romance, among others. We could simply watch Schiano for hours, and we definitely did. In early 2020, she even did a drum workshop tour with Sum 41‘s Frank Zummo. Beyond getting loads of fans via YouTube and even attracting the attention of Josh Dun, she recently partnered with SJC to create her first signature practice pad. She’s accomplished so much and still has so much more to do, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Meghan Herring

Meghan Herring is the brilliant musician setting the beat for pop-punk duo Doll Skin. Through lineup changes and even a pandemic, Herring has stayed devoted to her craft and her fans, constantly bringing high-energy and precise playing onstage and on livestream shows. There’s so much good in store for Herring and her fellow bandmate Sydney Dolezal as they enter a new era with their recent release “Control Freak.” Beyond this, Herring uses her platform to advocate for women, trans and other marginalized people in the music industry. In one inspiring post, she said: “My message to you: You don’t have to prove yourself to them. You are a powerhouse on your own. You HAVE TO believe in yourself. People will try to play hardball with you. Stand your ground and develop your art and your craft because it’s your passion. You deserve the world for all the hard work you do.” You can check out her whole message here

Danielle Haim

Danielle Haim, one-third of the Grammy-nominated sister rock trio, is a talent to behold. While being the lead singer of the group, she also has guitar and drum duties. This multi-instrumentalist can seriously do it all. Not only is she influencing young people to share their voices, but she shows them that they don’t have to stop there. They can learn any instrument, make a band and do every part. Honestly, who says you can’t lead a band from a drum set? Beyond making history with her sisters, this Haim sister even shared the stage with the Killers and played “On Top” with them at Outside Lands festival in 2014.

Alisa Ramirez

Drummer of the Aces, Alisa Ramirez is one hell of a performer. Beyond drumming, she shows young people that they should start their own bands with their sisters and friends and rule the music world as a group composed of women. It’s unfortunate that this is rare, but the Aces are inspiring indie fans in more ways than one. When watching Ramirez perform live, you can tell that she’s completely in the zone and is delighted to be with her friends. In summary: She’s brilliant and wholesome, and we can’t wait to see who picks up the drums and kills it because of her influence.