Ten Second Songs' Anthony Vincent has teamed up with Jared Dines to create a Breaking Benjamin-style cover of the Billie Eilish track, "bad guy."

This is one style video you simply have to watch.

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You probably know Vincent from his style videos, such as "'Bohemian Rhapsody' performed in 42 different styles."

The YouTuber reveals how he had been working on a Billie Eilish "bad guy" styles video when Dines had suggested the Breaking Benjamin style on Twitter.

Following a poll from Vincent's Patreon, the "'bad guy' in the style of Breaking Benjamin" video was born.

This is one you'll end up watching over and over again.

Check out the video, edited by Andy Rose, below!

This makes us want to try to find our place in the diary of Billie Eilish.

If you'd like to take part in future polls for fan favorite and style videos, check out Vincent's Patreon here. You can also subscribe to Dines' YouTube channel by clicking here.

And if you need a refresher on the original "bad guy" track, check out the official music video below!

More on Billie Eilish

Earlier today we learned Eilish announced the launch of a new limited-edition clothing line with Freak City emblazoned with her name on each piece.

The 10-piece collection includes t-shirts, hoodies, tube tops and shorts sporting her name and some insane color choices.

The pieces are priced between $40 and $90 and can be ordered here.

We'll take one of everything, please.

Eilish has frequently worn Freak City pieces on stage and off so it’s not surprising she’s partnering with the company.

What song would you like to see Vincent cover next? Sound off your suggestions in the comments below!

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