Billie Eilish fans have proven their devotion to the musician time and time again but they're getting the opportunity now to own a piece of her very own wardrobe.

A posting on the Nate D. Sanders Auctions website has a baggy bright yellow outfit she wore selling for a whopping $12,000.

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The outfit consists of a bright yellow rain suit including a jacket, overalls and a detachable hood. In the top right corner of the jacket, the word "Billie" is signed in block letters while her last name is in cursive across the front of the overalls.

It's nearly identical to the outfit she wore in her video for "Bellyache" but has her name on it instead of the simple "X" from the video.

According to the posting, it was worn by Eilish "on several occasions" according to the certificate of authenticity from MusiCares charity where Eilish donated it initially.

The posting also outlines the various measurements of the outfit while highlighting it is in very good condition.

"A quintessential example of Billie Eilish's personal style, worn and signed by the 5-time Grammy award winner."

Eilish is known for fashion choices on top of her music, notably wearing really baggy clothing.

She opened up about why she wears such baggy clothes last year in her Calvin Klein campaign.

“I never want the world to know everything about me. I mean that’s why I wear big baggy clothes,” she said. “Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath.”

“Nobody can be like ‘Oh, she’s slim-thick, she’s not slim-thick, she’s got a flat ass, she’s got a fat ass,’” she continued. “No one can say any of that because they don’t know.”

Later on, she was photographed wearing a white fitted tank top under a baggy sweatshirt. The clothing choices differed from her typical clothes, sparking tweets sexualizing Eilish’s appearance.

When people began objectifying Eilish after photos surfaced of her in a fitted tank top, fans immediately came to her defense.

Then, she opened up in an interview with Vogue Australia to further discuss her outfit choices.

“What I like about just dressing like I’m 800 sizes bigger than I am is it kind of gives nobody the opportunity to judge what your body looks like,” Eilish said. “I don’t want to give anyone the excuse of judging, and not—and it’s not like everyone’s going to judge you, but they all do in their head, like even if they’re not trying to.”

In the interview, Eilish also explained being inspired by Rihanna’s fashion.

“I remember seeing an acceptance speech Rihanna gave where she said fashion has always been her defense mechanism,” Eilish said. “And I felt like I never felt something as strongly hearing someone else say it than I did when I heard her say that because it’s always been that way for me. It’s always been my security blanket.”

You can watch the interview below.

If you could afford it, would you buy Billie Eilish's yellow rain suit for $12,000? Let us know in the comments below.

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