blackbear is angering hot girls everywhere after announcing his newest single “Hot Girl Bummer.” 

For reference, Megan Thee Stallion coined the phrase “Hot Girl Summer” in recent months, even recently putting out a song of the same name with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. 

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Now, blackbear has announced his single on Twitter. “This wk #hotgirlbummer tweet 4 dm” he wrote. 

In a since-deleted tweet, blackbear defended the song and said it isn't a parody.

"this song is not a parody & has nothing to do with the other song.. it has to do w the caption trend #hotgirlsummer #hotgirlbummer," he wrote.

The song is set to drop on Thursday according to the musician’s Twitter bio, so we’ll have to see if the hate continues once we can all hear it.

Megan Thee Stallion has yet to comment on the track.

More news

Earlier this month, Machine Gun Kelly brought out blackbear to surprise fans with a performance of “End Of The Road” at EST Fest. 

On Saturday, the rapper was performing his headlining set when he put two songs on the jumbotron behind him. 

Those songs were Swing Life Away featuring Kellin Quinn off the Black Flag mixtape and “End Of The Road” from Lace Up. The audience “voted” by screaming and clapping with the second song winning. Then, blackbear, who is featured on the song, came out to perform with MGK. 

After blackbear and MGK did “End Of The Road,” blackbear performed “do re mi” alone. You can see some clips below. 

What do you think about all of the backlash at Blackbear for the song? Sound off in the comments down below!

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