blink-182 are teasing a brand new song titled "I Really Wish I Hated You," slated to drop this week!

Can't wait until its release? Check out how you can get a sneak peek below!

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The band teased the track across social media, sticking with the reoccurring neon lights theme.

The caption revealed that fans could send a text to (323)831-0182 for a sneak peek of the track ahead of its Friday release.


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I REALLY WISH I HATED YOU - FRIDAY text us for a sneak peek (323) 831-0182

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Of course, it didn't take long for Mark Hoppus to go ahead and share a SoundCloud sneak peek of the track on Twitter.

We can't wait for Friday!
 More on blink-182

Nearly 20 years after its release, blink-182 have partnered with "I'm Listening" to speak on the importance of "Adam's Song" and break the stigma behind talking about mental health.

The two-hour broadcast will mark the beginning of National Suicide Prevention Week while raising awareness and breaking the stigma behind discussing mental health.

AltPress is exclusively giving a first-look at a snippet of Hoppus and Travis Barker’s chat. In the clip, Hoppus discusses that “light is the best cleanser,” explaining the importance behind being open about mental health.

The frontman goes on to list off options for getting the help you need. Whether it’s with a counselor, a priest or a close friend—reach out to whomever you feel you can speak with.

“Whoever you feel comfortable talking with, it’s important to shine light into the dark areas because everything is better in the morning,” he states.

Building on that, Hoppus opens up about the catharsis in “Adam’s Song” and how those feelings still impact him today.

“‘Adams Song’ was a very personal song for me. It was written about being lonely on tour and then coming home and being lonely when I got home. I still feel that way sometimes, so for me ‘Adams Song’ is just as important now as it was.

While he’s progressed with his mental health, Hoppus admits that, like many, he has those days where he feels as if he’s in a “dark hole.”

“I’m in a lot better place now than I was when I wrote the song, but I think people go—for me specifically, I go through cycles of feeling great about everything, and I go through cycles where I doubt everything and fall into some kind of dark hole, and music always takes me out of that.”

“I’m Listening,” the two-hour, commercial-free broadcast, will air live Sunday, Sept. 8 at 7 a.m. in all U.S. time zones on the app. Additionally, Entercom’s LGBTQ+ network CHANNEL Q will extend the program through of National Suicide Prevention Week. Running Sept. 9-13, all of the network’s shows will feature mental health and suicide prevention segments.

More information is available here, and you can check out blink’s interview below.

Are you excited about the new blink-182 track? Sound off in the comments below!

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