Mark Hoppus is back at it on Twitch again. Hoppus has been hosting various livestreams on the platform over the past few weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic. Now, he is bringing some of blink-182's classic work to the video game The Last Of Us II.

Hoppus shared a video of him performing an acoustic rendition of "Dammit" on the video game.

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Hoppus recently took to Twitch to share an acoustic version of the song off of 1997's Dude Ranch. As part of the game, he can be seen working out "Dammit" on the guitar that is then played by the video game character Ellie. The guitar uses the PS4's touchpad to strum along and the tuning can be changed, allowing for a variety of chords to be performed.

Alongside the guitar in The Last Of Us II, Hoppus can be heard singing the song's lyrics. The new rendition completely changes the pop punk anthem into something new.

It is clear from the video that Hoppus is a little bit out of practice. The blink-182 bassist seemingly forgets some of the lyrics to the song. However, fans during the stream were quick to chime in with the correct lyrics.

Wait, how do the lyrics go?," he asks. “What’s the next line? Oh yeah, that’s right, ‘the season is calling, your pictures are falling down.’”

Along with streaming on Twitch, Hoppus recently shared that blink-182 are currently working on their follow up to 2019's NINE. Travis Barker also revealed that a new song called "Quarantine" is set to be released soon.

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Mark Hoppus' "Dammit" rendition in The Last Of Us ll is available to watch below.

blink-182 recently celebrated the 182nd day on the year on June 30 by releasing limited edition Dogs Eating Dogs merch. The highly-sought-after vinyls sold out instantly and the exclusive line was only available for a limited time. The 2012 EP was the last studio release from the band to feature Tom DeLonge.

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