In the new Taylor Swift documentary Miss Americana, Brendon Urie reveals that fans have tried getting into his house.

It was revealed that Urie would be making an appearance in the film when the preview dropped earlier this month.

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In the trailer, Urie and Swift are seen together going over the lyrics for “ME!”

Titled Miss Americana, the documentary follows Swift’s struggles and joys over the course of several years.

Check out the full trailer to Miss Americana below.

Now, the doc has officially been released and Urie does indeed make an appearance with Swift.

In the segment, Swift asks the Panic! At The Disco frontman if he wants to stay in Los Angeles. Urie reveals that he and his wife are considering moving to Detroit, but aren't sure if it's the best idea.

"We talked about getting a place to test it out" he tells Swift. "Then, the fans found out and I had to leave... They would jump the gate and try to open our front door and I was like 'This isn't OK, that's not OK."

Though he doesn't say exactly, it does sound like Urie is talking about when he had to move in 2017.

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Urie's home address was public for quite some time, and while he's always been grateful for the amazing fan letters and gifts he received, a number of fans actually showed up at his door and it escalated too far.

The behavior from fans doesn't stop there. Last year, fans were told they would be removed from the venue if they weren't respectful during Panic! At The Disco's famed "Death Walk."

tweeted about how some fans inappropriately touch
In the documentary, Swift responded with a story of her own about when someone broke into her apartment and slept in her bed.

"There's a difference between 'I connect with your lyrics' and "I want to break in,'" she states.

They are also seen in the studio and it turns out Urie was actually sick during the recording of "ME!"

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When talking about the music video, Swift said she wanted Urie to channel everything that made him him.

"Whatever makes you, you," she exclaims. Emo kids, theatre, dance sequences, La La Land!

Sounds about right.

Miss Americana is available to stream on Netflix now.

What are your thoughts on Brendon Urie's statement in Taylor Swift's documentary? Sound off in the comments below!

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