Bring Me The Horizon keep giving us new videos of content they made during quarantine. The band already announced when their new track most likely titled "Parasite Eve" is coming. Now, they're giving us even more material from BMTH8

In the latest video in their "BMTHS2" video journal, we again see Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish working on another song. 

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Back in March, Bring Me The Horizon announced they were working on new material for a release tentatively titled “BMTH8.” This reported album will be the first new material to come from the band since their Music To Listen To… EP was released in December.

On May 22, Bring Me The Horizon  posted a teaser clip that led to them announcing a new series of videos called “BMTHS2.” The first video is titled “00BMTHS2-prologue-.mp4.” The video footage shows the BMTH members living in quarantine, but still finding ways to record new music.

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“So we’re going to be sharing our progress with you,” Sykes says. “You’re going to see how we write remotely, how we record remotely and everything in between. So watch this space. I hope everyone is happy and healthy and finding the little pleasures that they can in this weird and fucked up time. Peace.”

Since then, BMTH have been releasing videos that show how they manage to write and record remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic

The latest video in the series is the seventh. Titled "06BMTHS2-im sorry-.mp4," the title is very applicable to the content. 

The new video shows Sykes and Fish recording vocals for an unheard song. 

"I'm sorry/did my back hurt your knife," Sykes screams into the mic again and again. The pair share a humorous back and forth about laying down vocals and Sykes describes a dream he had that made him cry laugh the whole time. Check it out below. 

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Outside of the videos, Bring Me The Horizon are staying cryptic about information surrounding the album including a potential release date.

"Parasite Eve" is the only confirmed date we have and that is set for June 10. 

To see all of the videos in Bring Me The Horizon's "BMTHS2" series, head here. Until then, check out a fan-made mashup of "Parasite Eve". They combined all the content we've received so far from teasers. It'll get you very stoked on new Bring Me The Horizon. 

What do you think of this potential new Bring Me The Horizon song? Do the lyrics remind you of anything from Suicide Season? Sound off in the comments below!

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