English rockers Bring Me The Horizon deliver penetrating new song "Mantra" today via BBC Radio 1, the anticipated tune arriving on the heels of a cult-cribbing promo drive that plastered a cliquish memo across major cities. Hear it below.

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"It just felt like the right song to show people first," vocalist Oli Sykes tells the BBC DJ Annie Mac of the progressive, truth-seeking cut. "We wanna do heavy in a completely different way. We wanna do catchy in a completely different way."

And different it is. The new tune takes That's The Spirit's knack for alt-rock bombast and turns it on its head with a swampy blues-rock riff. It all culminates in a bold admonition from Sykes: "All you ever do is chant the same old mantra."

The truth will set you free

"Mantra" follows a period of cryptic teasing from Bring Me The Horizon. Earlier this month, a London billboard asked of passersby, "Do you wanna start a cult with me?" And calling a phone number left on the sign only added to the mystery.

“Before the truth will set you free, it will piss you off," a voice uttered when fans reached the hotline. A website, joinmantra.org, also featured the same retooled BMTH logo and curious cult content from the advertisement.

But after BMTH's puzzling message stretched across the pond, the website was updated with a full-screen GIF image showing a short-cropped Sykes standing ahead of a stairway teeming with seemingly cult-like "Mantra" acolytes.

The moving pic announced the new tune's premiere, proclaiming that "it begins" today on BBC Radio 1 at 7 p.m. BST. Check outBring Me The Horizon’s new song right here, and let us know what you think in the comments:

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