A new musical will soon be heading to Broadway, featuring 23 songs from infamous pop icon Britney Spears. If that didn't sound bizarre enough already, just wait until I tell you what the plot entails...

And no, it's not about Britney Spears or her life.

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In reference to Spears' classic "...Baby One More Time" track, the musical is set to be called Once Upon a One More Time.

The musical will make its debut at the James M. Nederlander Theatre in Chicago on October 29, running through December 1 before making its way to Broadway.

According to the announcement made by theater owner James L. Nederlander, the musical comedy will revolve around a book club whose members include fairy-tale icons Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.

The princesses are working their way through the only book they have, Grimms’ fairy tales, but soon find themselves wishing for new material to read.

Cue the “rogue fairy godmother who drops ‘The Feminine Mystique’ into their corseted laps, spurring a royal revelation. Could there really be more to life than bird-made dresses and true love’s kiss?”

This is definitely not what we first thought of when we heard "Britney Spears musical".

We're definitely intrigued though.

“I’m so excited to have a musical with my songs — especially one that takes place in such a magical world filled with characters that I grew up on, who I love and adore,” Spears said in the announcement. “This is a dream come true for me!”

“For three years, we have been working closely with her to develop a concept that perfectly encapsulates her unique spirit, and are so thrilled to finally bring this joyous and electrifying show to the stage,” says theater owner James L. Nederlander.

Kristin Hanggi (Rock Of Ages) be directing the musical with choreography being done by Keone and Mari Madrid (Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself").

Currently the musical will feature 23 tracks from Britney, including some of her biggest hits and “a couple of deep album cuts.”

Would you be down to go see a musical backed by Britney Spears' tracks? Sound off in the comments below!

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