[Photo by: Jelly Belly/Facebook]

We all love jelly beans. Though we don't eat them super often, once Easter roles around, we all remember our favorite flavors. 

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With Easter just around the corner, CandyStore.com took the opportunity to see what the most popular jelly bean flavor is in all 50 states. Through their research, the blog was not only able to determine the most popular jelly bean in each state, but they also found what the number one jelly bean is in America—and the results are pretty surprising. 

Taking out last year's winner, Black Licorice, Buttered Popcorn is now the reigning jelly bean. 

Yeah, you read that right. Through a combination of jelly bean sales, SurveryMonkey and Facebook polls, Candystore.com was able to determine that the salty tasting buttered popcorn flavored bean is the most popular in the nation. 

The blog said of the results:

"Yes, it’s polarizing. But it’s also America’s number one favorite jelly bean flavor. Thousands of people love this smooth, salty and savory jelly bean the best, while others scrunch up their noses when it’s mentioned. Some even write nasty comments about it in their survey form… :) But when the results were tallied, more people loved buttered popcorn flavor than any other." 

While buttered popcorn is the new nation's favorite, we can't forget about the other top five flavors. Rounding out the list were Black Licorice, Cinnamon, Watermelon and Cherry.

To determine what the nation's favorite flavors are, the website used jelly bean sales from the last 10 years with the addition of SurveryMonkey and Facebook polls. Asking their followers and customers to rank each flavor, the website was then able to create a list of each state's favorite jelly bean and the top flavors nationally. 

You can check out a map to see each state's favorite jelly bean flavor below! 

Source: 10+ years online candy sales data from CandyStore.com.