Following in the footsteps of some of their previously amazing children’s releases, Sparrow Sleeps is teaming up with some of our favorite pop punkers for a collab album Sparrow and Friends Start A Band!, which is set to be released Oct. 21.

This is the group’s first release geared to kids age 3-5, and it features the likes of Cartel, The Early November, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, Yellowcard and more. Check out the full track listing and lyric video for "‪The Sugar Song" ft. Kailynn West (Tiny Stills) and Tony Thaxton (Motion City Soundtrack) below!

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The album is available for preorder here, and all preorders come with a free download of Fan Favorites Volume 1, featuring Dashboard Confessional, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail and more.

What are your thoughts on the kid-friendly pop-punk album? Let us know in the comments!

Track listing:

1. We’re The Sparrow Sleeps Band (ft. Will Pugh of Cartel)

2. I Want To Play! (ft. Will Pugh of Cartel)

3. Shoe Tying Machine (ft. Nick Diener of the Swellers)

4. Let’s Sing About Letters! (ft. Ace Enders of the Early November)

5. Sharing Is Cool (ft. Joe Taylor of Knuckle Puck and Dan Lambton of Real Friends)

6. Holding Hands (ft. Zech Pluister of Sleep On It)

7. Make Some Noise (ft. Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids)

8. Air Guitar (ft. Ryan Key of Yellowcard)

9. The Sugar Song (ft. Kailynn West of Tiny Stills and Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack)

10. 10 (ft. Mike Herrera of MXPX)

11. Two Minutes (ft. Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights)

12. Sparrows Nest (ft. Aaron Marsh of Copeland)