Robin Skinner—known to your devices as Cavetown—has returned with a new song, "Smoke Signals." For the tender acoustic track, Skinner collaborated with L.A. indie-pop chanteuse Tessa Violet. The video was filmed on Super 8mm cameras, giving the clip a hazy nostalgic feeling.

The two artists filmed their parts individually in response to the COVID pandemic. (Cavetown frolicked in Queen's Woods and Highgate Woods in the U.K., while Violet explored Joshua Tree, California.) That incidental detail enhances the emotional context of Skinner's lyrics. It's the classic plot line of longing for someone you can't be with for whatever reason. The soft focus of the Super 8 film format creates a "fake memory."

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"Smoke Signals" is the follow-up to Cavetown's collaboration with MyKey, "Was It Something I Said," which came out in late June. That song's animated clip peppers the sadness with animated whimsy. The austere nature of "Smoke Signals" has a more haunting quality, given the state of the world. Cavetown also produced and co-wrote The Masquerade, the 2019 release from mxmtoon. Skinner's major-label debut, SLEEPYHEAD was issued on Sire Records in late March. Cavetown's extremely dedicated fans will have to wait a bit longer before he can tour the States again. But when the singles are this compelling, well, there's nothing to complain about.

On the non-musical side, Cavetown is launching a new product line. This Monday (July 13), Skinner's limited-edition Cave Collective brand will be focusing on genderless clothing designed exclusively by Skinner. "I’ve always wanted to design clothes and I finally have a great team around me to help it become a reality," he says. "I’d love for people to feel cool, interesting and comfy when they wear these clothes." For more information on pieces belonging to Edition 01, head over to the official Cave Collective site.

Check out "Smoke Signals" below.