clerks 3 trailer
[Photo via YouTube]

Is Randal finally making something of himself in Clerks III?

Clerks is going meta in the series’ third installment.

In the film’s first trailer, Randal (Jeff Anderson) decides to make a movie of his own focusing on his time at the Quick Stop after suffering a heart attack.

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Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal go through the process of casting and beginning to film the latter’s passion project after he chooses to make the most of his borrowed time. Clerks III is sure to be wonderfully self-referential as Randal’s in-universe script is composed entirely of “something either he or someone he knows said.”

The plot of the upcoming film is heavily influenced by Anderson’s own health scare. Due to his reluctance to reassume the role of Randal, Clerks III almost never saw the light of day. However, after suffering a heart attack, Anderson agreed to do another Clerks movie, and Kevin Smith rewrote his screenplay to reflect these real-world events.

Clerks III will be released in theaters for just two nights, Sept. 13 and Sept. 15. Smith is also taking the movie on the road with Clerks III: The Convenience Tour. You can find tickets and more information here.

Check out the Clerks III trailer below.