In this video, APTV caught up with Coheed and Cambria’s Zach Cooper and Travis Stever backstage at Aftershock to talk about their latest album The Color Before The Sun.

“I think that it [has] new sounds, but I think that there’s a lot that you can find in there that dates back to all the Coheed records,” Stever explains. “It definitely got its own vibe.” He explains that The Color Before The Sun was recorded live, and that the energy can definitely be felt on the album. He continues to say that the lyrics on the album are also more personal.

The conversation takes a turn when Bernstein asks the guys how becoming parents has affected them and their music.

“For sure, parenthood has absolutely changed [Stever], Claudio, and me and Josh—everybody in the band,” Cooper said.

Stever adds that the experience and [vocalist Claudio Sanchez]'s anticipation of becoming a parent can definitely be heard in the music. “It gives you all these new perspectives on things," he explains. “It’s not just a record about parenting. It’s all these things that Claudio was going through in his life that we can all kind of connect with—changes through disaster, changes through good. Pretty normal circumstances for a lot of people.”

Watch the video to hear the band talk more about the album and being pioneers of incorporating pop culture with the music world, specifically with comic books.

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Host/Producer: Josh Bernstein