Courtney Love has been given a temporary restraining order against her former manager, Sam Lutfi. The restraining order will force Lutfi to stay 100 yards away from Love, her sister Jaimee King and her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. The document also states that he must not attempt to contact them until further notice.

According to Spin, who has acquired a copy of the restraining order, Lutfi is being accused of harassing both Love and Frances Bean.

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Among many complaints, Love reports that Lutfi allegedly told her to “go choke on opiates and die” via text message. Another blackmail-related text reads, “all of your shit is going public Friday morning..don’t say you weren’t warned.”

Additionally, Love is accusing Lutfi leaving threatening comments on social media posts under an alias. He is also being accused of using her email without her consent.

According to TMZ, Love’s attorney said that Love filed the restraining order for protection.  

“The escalating verbal harassment and threats of Sam Lutfi left no choice for Courtney and her family but to seek protection,” Love’s attorney says.

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While the restraining order temporarily grants Frances Bean and King protection as well, the two have filed separate complaints under similar circumstances.

Among Frances Bean’s reports, she says that he continued to call her a “sociopath” on Instagram via aliases, even after blocking him. Additionally, she says that he has blackmailed her by saying that he has “confidential personal information” about her.

Additionally, King says that Lutfi has used choice-words describing her, including “insulting dumb pig," and many others. King reports that the turmoil has extended to her family.

“My youngest daughter tearfully asked me last week if Mr. Lutfi could come to our home and hurt us,” King says in the detailed report from Spin.

Additionally, this is the same manager that was grouped in with the people who were accused of stealing Kurt Cobain’s guitar and attempting to kill Frances Bean’s ex-husband, Isaiah Silva. Of the accused included Love, Lutfi and Riverdale actor Ross Butler.

In the past, Lutfi had another case involving defamation against pop-star Britney Spears. According to TMZ, Spears’ ex-manager accused her of “rampant drug use” and slandering his name.

The case between Love and Lutfi will have another hearing come January 2.

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