After some cryptic teasers and paranormal video clips, Creeper have announced their return with an intimate London gig under the new name Fugitives Of Heaven.

Check it out below!

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A few days ago, Creeper members started making cryptic posts on social media. Yesterday, the band finally posted from their official Twitter account.

This marked the first time the band have used their band account since they seemingly broke up in 2018.

As previously reported, the band performed on the KOKO stage and at some point during the set, frontman William Gould made the announcement that it would be their last.

At the end of their set, each member removed their iconic Callous Heart jackets and placed them in a pile on the stage.

When they made their final exit from the stage, their backdrop read “Even eternity ends.”

Now, the band have announced an intimate gig at Club 229 in London on Nov. 1, exactly one year since they left it all on the stage.

"NOVEMBER 1st. NO ONE FORGIVES." the post reads.

Tickets for the show are on sale now and can be purchased

Are you excited for the next era of Creeper? Sound off in the comments below!

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