Although most of the world has slowed down, DeathbyRomy isn’t letting the pandemic hold up or hinder her creative vision.

Shedding her signature dark eye makeup, DeathbyRomy is showcasing a more exposed, vulnerable side of herself on her latest release, “Kiss Me Goodbye.” The new video, which depicts her in a Virgin Mary role, comes after her 2019 “Problems” video release. While in quarantine, DeathbyRomy and a small team filmed the video for “Kiss Me Goodbye” and highlighted the hauntingly still reality of L.A. in its current state.

DeathbyRomy exclusively chatted with AltPress about the behind-the-scenes filming of “Kiss Me Goodbye.” You can watch the BTS video as well as the full music video below.

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What was it like creating a music video during quarantine? 

Creating a music video during quarantine was extremely invigorating—both creatively and literally. It was a challenge, and I love challenges. It felt very scandalous and fun. We got to break a bunch of stuff. We got to fully bring our vision to life. And overall, it was just very fulfilling 

What was the most difficult part of creating something so visually stunning with a small team?

Honestly, there were no hold-ups. Everyone who worked on this was extremely creative and used to working with no budget because we’re all practically still kids. The fact that we were used to working with no budget made it that much easier to envision how we were going to bring this to life out of thin air. That’s just what we do.

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For your makeup, you usually wear a darker look, but in "Kiss Me Goodbye," it looks like teardrops running down your face. What was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind this look was mixed depictions of the Virgin Mary and the overall concept of the song being about being more vulnerable. I wanted to show a more vulnerable side of myself because I’m multifaceted just like everyone else. This song was a perfect way to show that.

What has been the most difficult part of preparing for a release while in quarantine?

The nerves surrounding it…not being able to be face to face with my team, which allows for more anxiety on how I think the release will go and hoping people will love it as much as I do.

How are you staying connected with your fans during this time?

I have been trying to go on Instagram Live more and stay active in my Instagram Stories. I try to put myself and my advice out there and remind them [that] I am here for them.

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How do you think music releases, festivals, and shows will have to change post-pandemic?

Gosh, that’s such a sad question. In my hopes and dreams, I would hope eventually all shows and festivals can go back to normal. People, in general, should be safer on how they carry themselves in large shows, but I would hope we can get back to how it used to be or at least as close as possible. I can't imagine everyone being required to stay 6 feet apart and wearing masks during shows. Even if it takes a while for us to get back, hopefully we can instead of compromising the experience.

How are you keeping yourself positive throughout this global situation?

I'm trying to focus on my music and next steps. Honestly, my career is the No. 1 thing keeping me sane and looking forward to my future. When I feel a bit low, I think about going on tour and just seeing myself in higher and higher levels in terms of my artistry and fully bringing my vision to my life. Fantasizing is one of my favorite tools in staying positive.