Hopeless Records signees Doll Skin are back and better than ever as the powerful punk rockers Meghan Herring and Sydney Dolezal unleash their brand-new song and accompanying music video for "Control Freak."

Herring (drums) and Dolezal (vocals) are on a new adventure as a duo, reworking their sound and music trajectory after parting ways with their former bandmates. The Phoenix-based band are surely just getting started as tracks such as "Outta My Mind" and performances on Vans Warped Tour put them into the scene spotlight.

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"This song is about how you can accidentally trap yourself within your own anxiety. When you have frequent attacks, you avoid all things that trigger them," the band describe. "In an attempt to cope, you create a cage for yourself."

Specifically, the song was inspired by the two musicians' experiences inside psychiatric wards when enduring mental health problems and now how they try to cope in everyday life.

This theme is more than applicable to listeners who may also feel "caged" by their own anxiety, depression, etc. This is characterized in Doll Skin's video as Dolezal fights in a straitjacket and earnestly screams through the chorus.

With their raw and honest track now released into the world, both share that they're "looking forward to [their] new chapter."

As they begin a new era of Doll Skin, Herring and Dolezal shared this message: “Moving forward, we will continue serving as a platform to women and nonbinary people within the industry who desire to share their talents with the world."

In fact, you may see some new faces in the band as they continue to grow.

"Our vision is to tap into the army of those in underrepresented communities who have incredible stories and talent and to be a source of inspiration in this often uncertain world,” they say.

Check out the brand-new Doll Skin video for "Control Freak" below.

After you stream this track all day, you can hear even more from the band for their livestream set Feb. 27. You can catch the set on YouTube at 4:30 p.m. EST/1:30 p.m. PST and hear "Control Freak" live.

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