By now you’ve seen the notes and heard the President Donald Trump speech of him proclaiming his innocence regarding his covert dealings with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenksky. But let us ask you this: Have you heard the audio cover-version memes?

Since photographs of President Trump's notes went viral across the 'net, some folks with a sense of humor (and some time on their hands) have been weighing in. The first observations toward the Trump notes photo equated them with looking like any indie band’s setlist for the night’s gig. This then gave way to commentary about how they read like lyrics that could’ve been written by emo or metal bands.

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And then the “cover versions” started to happen. Here Twitter user @victoryrhoad recorded the best Morrissey-inspired version, that’s shorter than “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want,” yet still quite effective.

Not to be outdone, Alex Kliment (@SaoSasha) offered a pretty spectacular Ramones-styled version of Spark Notes a la Trump. All it’s missing is the “one-too-free-for” count-in. We are undoubtedly assured that late guitarist/arch-conservative Johnny Ramone would have endorsed this happily.


But it’s truly Nick Lutsko (@NickLutsko) who wins this round. His take on Sad! “Emo Trump” makes us weep openly. Not because we’re so sad at this state of affairs, but because our ribs are aching from laughing so damn hard.


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We’re scouring the Twitterverse now for even more musical takes on these current events.  So we ask you, friend of AltPress, share the wealth. If you hear anybody conjuring some black-metal vibes or maybe some Pro-Tooled-up-the-wazoo pop versions of Trump’s speech, share them with us. We can all cry about the state of current world politics a little bit later on in the day. Until then, it’s time to call spoof to power!

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