Donald Trump, Nickelback

Donald Trump tweets Nickelback “Photograph” meme against Biden

Trump has jumped on board the Nickelback meme train after superimposing a photo of Biden into the "Photograph" clip.

October 2, 2019
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President Donald Trump has raised a lot of questions and confusion with a recent tweet, this time involving Nickelback in his feud with the Bidens.

Does this mean Trump is a Nickelback fan?

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Instead of focusing on his ever-increasing impeachment crisis, Trump has decided to create a Nickelback meme taking aim at Biden.

Attempting to connect the former Vice President to improper business deals with Ukraine, Trump and his minions created a meme revolving around the band’s track “Photograph.”

Nickelback’s “Photograph” video has been the center of many viral memes for years, and now it looks like the President is jumping onto the trend.

Digging up an image of Biden and his son with a Ukrainian gas executive, Trump and his team superimposed the image into a clip of the 2005 music video.

According to Consequence of Sound, the Ukrainian gas executive is actually just a longtime business partner of Biden’s son Hunter.

President Trump’s video has since been pulled by Twitter, but you can still view the clip in the tweet below.

Nickelback have yet to respond to the, uh, meme tweet.

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Green Day previously went after the president of the U.S. back when George W. Bush was in office and it looks like they’re back at it again.

The band changed up the lyrics to their song “American Idiot,” originally written about Bush, taking aim at President Trump during their set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

During the band’s set, they changed up the lyrics from “I’m not a part of a redneck agenda” to “I’m not a part of a MAGA agenda.”

You can watch a clip of the performance below.

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