Pioneering shoe company Dr. Martens continues to uncover some of the underground’s coolest sounds. Today we are premiering the next installment in their highly regarded documentary series. The clip begins with SadGirl, the L.A. quartet who are mining the past to further convey the anxieties of modern living. 

Then we get introduced to the Paranoyds, the three-girls-and-a-dude quartet who are having fun while pursuing their agenda. Trust us: You’ll be stoked by both of these bands. 

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SadGirl started back in 2014, with songs that have sometimes been referred to as Americana. And honestly? We don’t know why. The band’s sonic time machine has the innate ability to take you to a dive bar from 1957, where the melancholy was real and beers didn’t have so damn many fruit infusions. Everything about SadGirl—from the moody, longing vocals of frontman Misha Lindes to some of the downright antique tape machines they use to record—feels black, white and many shades of gray. 

“I wanted to make a spaghetti Western surf band,” Lindes tells the Dr. Martens team. “Like early rock ’n’ roll, surf music. And it stayed really rooted in the stuff that’s important to me.

“You need to keep creating and pursuing the thing that makes you happy as a person and an individual and not be concerned by other people. As soon as you start worrying about what other people think is when it compromises what you’re doing creatively.”

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A little further up the calendar (namely the ’90s) lie the Paranoyds. The almost all-girl quartet whose love of garage-rock thickness, grunge attitude and the fizzy pop hooks and quirks of new wave are downright joyous.

“I come from the fashion world,” bassist Staz Lindes begins, “and the fashion world is insanely predominantly male. You want to see more women in this field. We need to change the system. I think it is getting a lot better: The world is such a different place, like being brave enough and resilient enough to work against the system.”

Two great bands from two sonic (and psychic) ends of the spectrum. Brought to you by the fine folks at Dr. Martens. Check them out and show ’em some love at Bandcamp!