Catfishing and the rock world are colliding on a new episode of Dr. Phil. For the Jan. 27 episode, a woman named Tina appeared on the show claiming she was engaged to Poison's Bret Michaels and best friends with Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx.

As you would expect, Tina was in for quite a shock during the episode.

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Tina's friend Vivian was convinced she was being catfished which eventually led to them appearing on Dr. Phil. During the episode, Tina reveals that she and Michaels had a strong relationship after talking for months on the internet which eventually led to their engagement. However, they had never talked face to face or over the phone.

“‘I love Bret Michaels and he loves me," Tina says. "After three weeks of talking back and forth, he said he was falling in love with me …  Several months ago, we were talking, and he had us take the oath over the Bible that we would be devoted to each other. After we took the oath, he proposed to me, and I said yes."

Along with all of this, Tina also claimed she had a good solid friendship with Nikki Sixx after they met on the internet. However, Dr. Phil was able to quickly show Tina that things weren't actually what they seemed.

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Throughout the episode, Dr. Phil analyzed the "proof" Tina had that she was actually talking to the famous rockstars. From supposed photos of driver's licenses and numerous messages, Dr. Phil is able to debunk all of this proof as signs of catfishing. On top of all of that, Nikki Sixx even sent a video message to Tina saying that she wasn't actually talking to him.

"Whoever you are talking to is not me," he says in the episode.

Along with this, Bret Michaels also sent a video message to Tina. Fortunately, clips from the episode are available to watch on YouTube. However, these clips don't show everything that went down in the episode.

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