From doodling lyrics across your Chucks to posting your favorites lines as your status, some of our favorite and most memorable lyrics have come from emo bands. We’ve dedicated many of these lines to memory, singing them again and again throughout the years. But how well does your knowledge of emo tracks hold up against Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most well-known poets of all time?

See if you can decipher which of these lines were written by your emo favorites and which ones are classic Poe poetry.

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More on emo bands

It’s hard to escape the phenomenon that is “Baby Shark,” a smash hit from South Korea’s Pinkfong. Children everywhere have been driving their parents mad by putting the track on repeat.

One family was no exception as a little girl asked Amazon Alexa play the beloved tune. However, Alexa misheard the request and offered up “Sure Baby...Hold Back” by Say Anything instead.

Earlier this year, the smash hit got another emo-friendly makeover. Musician David Sikabwe, better known as Going Spaceward, gives the viral track some serious emo vibes while adding in a completely new perspective to the track.

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Complete with scene hair, striped arm warmers and too much neon eyeshadow, this cover of Baby Shark is sure to fill that emo void in your nostalgic heart.

This is one of those videos where you go ‘This is too weird...’ then you make it anyway,” Sikabwe writes in the video’s description.

So if you’re tired of the classic “Baby Shark” and you’re looking to be blown away by Sikabwe’s talent and relive the glory days even though it’s not just a phase, then check out the video here.