Seventeen years ago today, Fall Out Boy made their entrance into the world by releasing their debut album, Take This To Your Grave. It seems like just yesterday that the band dropped the album that started it all, which featured bangers such as “Dead On Arrival” and “Saturday.” 

In honor of the album’s anniversary, we wanted to test your knowledge of some of the lyrics from nearly two decades ago. Find out how well you remember the lyrics to “Saturday” below. 

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More on Fall Out Boy

A crafty Fall Out Boy fan has put together something truly spectacular with the music note blocks in Minecraft playing the band’s song “Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy.”

Reddit user u/immortalsauce shared a clip of the song playing through the game, and we can’t even begin to imagine how long it took to put it together.

In the comments on their post, they reveal it took between 16 and 20 hours to put the song together.

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“It was more time consuming than difficult for me lol it helps to have my musical background. I found something online that said how many times to hit a note block to get which note and used the repeater to keep tempo. Used the notes from the guitar and bass of the song. And used my guitar to find the notes of the melody. Start with trying just a simple chorus of a song.”

You can watch the clip here. In case you want to revisit the original, you can also listen to all of Take This To Your Grave below.

What is your favorite track off of Take This To Your Grave? Let us know in the comments below!