Each summer there's a song that you can't stop hearing wherever you go. Maybe it's a catchy pop-punk anthem. Or, perhaps it's a sticky club-ready banger. It could be a hypnotic hip hop track from the latest indie rapper on the rise. The vibe is always shifting, and depending on cultural trends and album release dates, so is what music lovers are listening to the most.

While some might say it's early to call it, we asked our readers to choose which song would take over this summer. The top five fan picks are ranked accordingly below.

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5. Heart Attack Man - "Like a Kennedy"

Punk rockers Heart Attack Man delivered an emo anthem teeming with anxious guitar riffs and a wistful, raucous chorus. Fans voted, and this is album is definitely set to be blasting out of music fans' speakers this summer.

4. Meet Me @ The Altar - "King of Everything"

The thrill of Meet Me @ The Altar's new album is its defiant, candy-coated choruses that channel early Paramore. But the band's recent single "King of Everything" channels the teen pop-punk charm of Disney.

3. Paramore - "You First"

Paramore's grand return This Is Why came with "You First," a frenetic return to the band's pop-punk roots that sees bandleader Hayley Williams grappling with choosing good or evil. It's a summer anthem in waiting.

2. Fall Out Boy - "Hold Me Like a Grudge"

The retro, disco funk-tinged single "Hold Me Like a Grudge" has the makings of a Fall Out Boy classic and could be an ideal number for a breezy drive in a convertible.

1. Bring Me The Horizon - "LosT"

Bring Me The Horizon's new single "LosT" might just be the song of the summer according to fans. The thrilling blend of emo hyperpop and electro-pop-punk anxiety evokes My Chemical Romance and has the makings of a modern hit in the genre.