Thanksgiving is almost here! Over this holiday weekend with family and friends, there are a lot of things to be thankful for, including some of musical moments that have taken place this year. From band reunions to career changing releases, a tidal wave of awesomeness has descended upon the scene.  Here are some of the year’s top moments to be thankful for.

1. Bring Me The Horizon's Break through To The Mainstream

Whether you loved or loathed Bring Me The Horizon's 2015 release, That's The Spirit immediately ignited a spark that spread far past the boundaries of the alternative scene they stemmed from.  With radio airplay and chart topping singles, everyone began to acknowledge the genre and history of “metalcore” behind BMTH. That's The Spirit made waves and helped the once-upon-a-time British deathcore band stake their claim in the commercial rock music scene and onto notoriety.

2. Hayley Williams' Grammy Win

There was no place to hide from the catchy chorus and roaring lyrics of Paramore's 2014 hit single “Ain't It Fun.” From coffee shops to bars to Hot Topics around the country, this track was a staple on everyone's playlist.  So it should come as no surprise that frontwoman, and overall kick ass vocalist Hayley Williams won “Best Rock Song” at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for her writing the track alongside bandmate Taylor York. You go girl!

3. Rejoice For Reunions!

2015's had a number of band reunions, exciting fans for upcoming albums and shows. Let us give thanks for the return of the early 2000s pop punk rockers Good Charlotte, the festival reunion shows of the no-longer disbanded Alexisonfire, and, of course,  the announcement of Underoath's mighty and long anticipated return to the stage as co-headliners of A Day To Remember's annual Self Help Fest this spring.  (Maybe 2016 will bring that My Chemical Romance reunion we've all been hoping for…)

4. Atreyu's Comeback Album

2014's big reunion announcement centered around Orange County's beloved Atreyu, and 2015 continued the fun with the aptly titled Long Live. After six long years without any signs of new music, Atreyu finally let Long Live out of the bag late this summer, much to the enjoyment of all of their diehard fans.

5. Mega Music Videos

The overall concepts in music videos got pretty damn impressive this year.  From Brendon Urie transforming himself into a fantastical creature who fell from the heavens to Parkway Drive learning how to sky dive, 2015 to prove, the art of the music video is still alive and better than ever.  Seriously, who wasn't impressed (and thoroughly creeped out) by the cinematic nature of Ice Nine Kills ode to The Exorcist with “Communion Of The Cursed” video?

6. Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl is arguably the raddest dude in music.  He played in the most legendary grunge band of all time, created his own series for HBO, and has been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  And 2015 simply added to his raditude.  This year Grohl broke his leg onstage, yet finished the show not only that same night, but continued to tour throughout the year in a Game Of Thrones-style chair.  He agreed to visit Cesena, Italy, after the small town banded together to create an ode to the Foo Fighters that implored them to play a show there.  And just this week, Grohl announced the release of the Foo Fighters new (and free!) EP Saint Cecilia.  Radness Level: 100.

7. The Growing Popularity Of Emo Nights

Did you grow up listening to the Used, Hawthorne Heights, Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance? Then Emo Night is the event for you! 2015 marked a significant rise in popularity of Emo Nights, most likely because all the kids who listened to emo bands growing up are now finally legally able to get into bars. Organized events held mainly in Los Angeles and Brooklyn have started to spring up monthly, calling people to come out to celebrate and listen to their favorite old school emo bands. Even emo poster boys have gotten involved like Yellowcard's Ryan Key and The Starting Line's Kenny Vasoli, who have both DJ'ed across the country. I think it's safe to say we're okay with this (we promise).

8. New Pierce The Veil Music

Waiting for new music from Pierce The Veil is like watching sap fall from a tree: It's a long, slow period of anticipation, but in the end you get something tasty maple syrup that makes it all worthwhile. PTV have been working on their upcoming fourth studio record for well over a year now, but June of 2015 finally granted fans the wish they've all been waiting for as the world got the opportunity to rock out to PTV's latest single “The Divine Zero.”

9. The Power Of Reddit And Phinehas

In case you haven't heard of Phinehas yet, take a look at the /r/metalcore subreddit, as a large portion of the band's growing popularity is driven solely by the fans who contribute to the sub. In early 2015, alongside the release of their third studio record, Till The End, Phinehas really began to break out with the Up-Vote community. The power of online forums is slowly proving that sometimes word of mouth is just as helpful as budgeted promotions, and Phinehas are a prime example of how our music scene is actively adapting to the internet age.

10. The Resurgence Of DIY

Punk isn't dead, and neither is a DIY mentality. 2015 alone pushed the boundaries of what bands are capable of doing without big budgets or major labels on their sides. This year fans got to see bands like Beartooth and Vanna coordinate their own spur of the moment house shows and tours while Idaho-based the Ongoing Concept even ventured to make their own instruments from scratch to record and tour with for their latest release, Handmade. Doing it yourself has never looked so good.