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Avion Roe close chapter, share Kellin Quinn collab’s isolated vocals

June 6, 2019
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Avion Roe released isolated vocal tracks for “Into The Rest” featuring Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn. With the revamp comes the announcement of their hiatus and a new side project from the frontman and guitarist.

As a token of gratitude to fans who supported their career, the band is teaming up with AP to drop the isolated vocals from their biggest song to close this chapter.

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“We owe so much thanks to our fans, Kellin Quinn and Epitaph Records,” frontman Evan Couture says. “We wanted to give the fans one last thing before we close this chapter. Many of you know us from our song ‘Into The Rest’ with Kellin, so here is the isolated vocals-only version of the song. We want this version of the song to be a thank-you gift to everyone who has believed in us while we were on this journey.”

The band last performed on Metro Station’s 10-year anniversary tour, and it’s been three years since their latest release, In Separation. Couture clarifies that Avion Roe didn’t officially break up, but “things just got in the way.”

“Sean [Humphrey, bassist] went back to school and got engaged,” Couture explains. “Josh [Cutlip, drummer] got married and welcomed his second beautiful child. Life took precedence, and that’s OK. Avion Roe just didn’t make sense the way it once did.”

With members pursuing their own paths, it only felt natural for the band to slowly fade than officially break up or bring new lineup changes.

“The important thing is that the band could only ever be the four people who started it,” he says.

In the meantime, Couture and guitarist Jordan Modro will continue to play music in their new project, Saint Cloud. They’ll be releasing new music soon.

“As far as new music, Jordan and I have been more inspired than ever and have written so many new songs,” Couture elaborates. “Our new project, Saint Cloud, will be releasing music on June 17.”

You can keep up with Saint Cloud on Instagram and TwitterCheck out the isolated vocals version of Avion Roe featuring Kellin Quinn below.

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Written by Marvin Dotiyal