Chief State break the cycle, bring the posi on “Reprise”–watch

The Canadian pop-punk five-piece are premiering their new video with AltPress today as a peek into their new album releasing in March.

February 11, 2020
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Hang on, where are we? Southern California? Eastern Pennsylvania? How about none of the above? Chief State are a high-energy pop-punk quintet hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, who are tighter than a rich relative and as posi as your older siblings’ mangled youth-core records. Today, AltPress is premiering the video for “Reprise,” a track from their impending album, Tough Love, coming in late March on Mutant League Records.

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“‘Reprise’ was written about a situation where I felt like I couldn’t help someone I loved,” vocalist Fraser Simpson says. “The metaphor of running ’round in circles and being trapped in a loop is not only how I felt about this person, but subsequently the situation I found myself in recently. It’s ironic that this song has flipped on me, but it has been a tough year, personally. I hope it helps others realize that going in circles and expecting different results is never the answer—no matter what the question is.”

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Apparently Simpson’s backstory duly impressed director Mike Millan, who had the band set up in a circle, plug in and go. It’s obvious that Chief State—Simpson, vocalists/guitarists Justin Pham and Nik Pang, bassist Joe Soderholm and drummer Chris Kavanagh—know when to step on the gas and when to ease into the breakdown. Now you might get a little dizzy from the rotating camera angles. We like to think you’re getting light-headed being swooped into the band’s pop-punk jetstream. 

Tough Love comes out March 27 on Mutant League. You can preorder a copy of it for your very own purposes right here. Meantime, hold on to your device tightly and pogo in place to “Reprise” below.


1. “Try Hard”
2. “Deciduous”
3. “Reprise”
4. “Something Good For Once”
5. “Biding Time”
6. “Choke”
7. “Peace Of Mind”


Written by Alternative Press Magazine