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10 spookiest Halloween dessert recipes you can make at home

October 22, 2019
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We’re getting close to Halloween, which means we only have a handful of days left to binge-watch horror movies, carve pumpkins and indulge in all of our favorite festive activities. One of the best parts about fall is the food—especially if it’s a Halloween dessert. From pies, cookies and plenty of candy, the season is a perfect time to try out some new recipes. 

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We’ve collected 10 recipes that are as spooky as they are delicious. You should definitely check them out below and get inspiration for some weekend baking ideas while pumpkin spice season is in full swing. 

1. A bloody strawberry shortcake topped with a white chocolate skull
HALLOWEEn dessert 01

[Photo via foodnetwork.com]

Strawberry shortcake might be traditionally thought of as a summer dessert, but add a little blood and a chocolate skull to make it perfect for your Halloween party. Even without the show-stopping skull, the recipe itself is absolutely delish and is a classic to master. 

2. Oreo-covered brownie bat truffles

[Photo via delish.com]

This simple dessert combines brownies, Oreos, frosting and M&M’s to create a cute and delicious treat for Halloween. There’s no cooking involved, so it couldn’t get any easier. It’s the perfect dessert to make with a friend on a Friday night to snack on while watching horror movies. 

3. A candy corn-frosted cake filled with candy corn

[Photo via foodnetwork.com]

Not only is this cake frosted to resemble a candy corn, but it’s filled with the controversial candy as well. While this might not be a total crowd pleaser, it’s perfect for that friend who can’t get enough candy corn once October rolls around. Also, it’s a unique way to try the filled-cake trend. 

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4. Pumpkin chocolate chip brownies

[Photo via allrecipes.com]

This recipe only has five ingredients, and one of those is Halloween sprinkles. It’s festive, fudgy and delicious, so once you make these, you’ll have them in your house constantly for the rest of the month.

5. Candy apples inspired by Jack Skellington
halloween dessert 05

[Photo via delish.com]

If you love The Nightmare Before Christmas, you have to make these apples ASAP. They’re inspired by the iconic Tim Burton character by using icing to recreate his face on the surface of an apple. So go apple picking and get your friends together to make these after for an ideal fall day. 

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6. Doughnuts decorated to look like bats, cats, mice and spiders
halloween dessert 06

[Photo via womansday.com]

While you could be ambitious and try to make your own doughnuts, this recipe calls for store bought, so you can skip that difficult part and just enjoy decorating. You can use a variety of different icing colors and candies to let your imagination run wild on your doughnuts. 

7. Cookies shaped like witches’ fingers with red velvet hot chocolate

[Photo via domesticgothess.com]

When it’s cold out, all we want are warm cookies and hot chocolate. This recipe helps you make both, with a spooky spin. The shortbread cookies are enhanced when dripped into bright red hot chocolate that resembles blood. You’ll freak out your friends and impress them with your baking skills with this treat. 

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8. Pumpkin hand pies shaped like mummies

[Photo via foodnetwork.com]

These hand pies resemble mummies and taste like fall with their spiced-pumpkin filling. You can get creative with decorations with this twist on a classic fall favorite. Because why would you just make a regular pie when you can make a bunch of mini versions shaped like mummies? These are obviously superior. 

9. Vampire dentures made out of cookies

[Photo via delish]

These cookie treats use frosting, marshmallows and slivered almonds to make a regular dessert look like the mouth of a blood-sucking vampire. They’re full of sugar, and it’s a cute yet simple way to bake something festive this season. 

10. Peanut butter spider cookies

[Photo via foodnetwork.com]

These cookies are as fun to make as they are to eat. With the help of malted milk balls, frosting and peanut butter, you can create creepy crawly cookies that everyone will want to try. Also, any dessert that combines candy and cookies is a win for us, so you should definitely add these to your fall bucket list. 

Do you plan on baking any spooky treats this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Alex Darus