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KROWNS stay “High While The World Ends” in new video—watch

Even at the worst times, it’s important to celebrate ourselves.

July 2, 2019
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In 2018, KROWNS put themselves on the map with “High While The World Ends” and left a mark in the alt scene. The Calgary alt-pop outfit dropped their debut EP, Fake It, earlier this year, and today AP is teaming up with the group to unveil a new video for their debut hit.

As a retaliation to the negativity and oppression circulating in the world today, “High While The World Ends” is an uplifting tune that celebrates individuality, empowering us to unite with our true colors and make the best out of struggle.

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“‘High While The World Ends’ is about togetherness,” frontman Kyle McKearney says. “It’s about abandoning stereotypes, judgments [and] all things that divide us and being who we were before we were taught any of that.”

McKearney goes further to explain its relevance to our modern world while also touching on the importance of keeping our heads up during hard times.

“It’s about a broken system that leaves most of us dreaming of a better life while massive industries are expediting extinction, and we have no say,” he adds. “It’s about acceptance and saying, ‘Fuck it, we had a great run. Let’s go out with a bang.’”

Directed by Morgan Gold, the video captures the band’s pulsating energy, radiating with positive vibes. 

“This video was a lot of fun to make,” McKearney says. “We were super beat up from a long Ontario run with canceled shows and a bunch of disappointments, so we posted something on Insta about maybe filming the set, and our fans showed up. Our Edmonton fans are sick. I feel like Morgan was able to really capture the energy of the whole day perfectly, and he killed it. It was a special night.”

Fake It EP is available on all streaming platforms. Check out the video for “High While The World Ends” below. 

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Written by Marvin Dotiyal