It has happened to all of us: You’re driving with your mom and your favorite song comes on but she doesn’t like it, so she switches it over to some easy-listening station. Or maybe you’re up in your room, blasting that new album you just got, and she yells up to you to turn it down. Well, fear not: We’ve got you covered with several mom-approved tracks she’ll be telling you to turn up and not off in no time.

SET IT OFF – “Duality”

Set It Off have mastered the art of mixing in a bit of pop with their rock, offering a more parent-friendly sound. The color-changing background in their video is also eerily similar to NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me,” so she may not even notice the difference.

BLEACHERS – “I Wanna Get Better”

Any supportive mom will definitely back this Bleachers’ jam highlighting the tumultuous journey to self-improvement.


This pop-rock number is bound to lead to some mom-approving head bobbing to the high-energy beat.

PANIC! AT THE DISCO – “Impossible Year”

My own mother once borrowed my car and told me she liked “that ‘champagne, cocaine, gasoline’ CD” I had in—a.k.a. “Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time” from Panic!’s latest, Death Of A Bachelor. While my mom may be more laid back with her music tastes than most, the best bet to win yours over would probably be with Brendon Urie’s Frank Sinatra-esque crooning on “Impossible Year.”


If your mom grew up as a big fan of Gene Simmons and company then she’ll probably be into the Kiss-influenced Black Veil Brides. The rockers may have toned down their stage appearance a bit as they’ve matured, but the glam rock tendencies still shine through.

PARAMORE – “Ain’t It Fun”

Your mom is bound to love this Grammy-winning track with its upbeat nature, Hayley Williams powerhouse vocals and the unexpected yet awesome incorporation of a gospel choir.

STATE CHAMPS – “Around The World And Back”

Jule Vera’s Ansley Newman lends a female perspective to this sweet acoustic jam from pop-punkers State Champs. Plus there’s the reference “Everybody says she looks just like her mother,” which any mom would love to hear.

PVRIS – “My House”

Lynn Gunn’s sweet yet powerful vocal abilities are certainly something your mom will appreciate.

LETLIVE. – “Good Mourning, America”

If your mom is an avid news follower and not afraid of a little profanity then she will certainly appreciate the strong political commentary present in letlive.’s latest track.