[Photo via Ravenna Woods]

Ravenna Woods enter an eerie dream state in their new music video for “Once For The Lockhearts.” The band are teaming up with AP to share the new video.

Serving as the first single released off their upcoming LP, Disappearing Someone, the video follows vocalist Chris Cunningham through a recurring nightmare. The video holds perfect synergy with the supporting track, matching its slow, ominous feel.

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Cunningham drew inspiration for the video from his parasomnia. The condition that causes him to suffer from recurring nightmares and other sleep-related issues.

“‘The Lockhearts’ video is modeled after a false awakening nightmare I had recently,” Cunningham says. “It’s a phenomenon sort of related to sleep paralysis, akin to a shorter, more horrifying Groundhog’s Day experience. In it, I’d be walking in a daze on the street where I’d repeatedly get violently attacked by an assailant.”

The video looks to document Cunningham’s experience when enduring his nightmare, repeating a similar situation over and over.

“Each attack would wake me up, or so I thought, but then I’d end up right back outside,” he explains. “At first, each time I respawned I wouldn’t remember the attack. But after a while I started catching on, and it was like my brain adapted by throwing curve balls. I’d be expecting the assailant, then suddenly a group of close friends would appear instead. Or I’d try to fight him, and just at the moment I’d be swinging the bat, my brain would make us switch places.”

The album is dedicated to Cunningham’s girlfriend who passed away in 2016. Cunningham says she was the inspiration behind the lyrics for “Once For The Lockhearts,” relating an experience she had while volunteering at a psychiatric ward.

“In one of her groups, there was a mute schizophrenic patient,” Cunningham says. “At the end of one of her sessions, he approached and handed her a folded-up piece of paper, then walked away. It was a poem. I turned it into the lyrics for ‘Lockhearts’ and put the original words in the vinyl insert.”

The band are donating all of the song’s proceeds to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention to honor their friend.

You can check out the video below and the single on Apple Music here.