[Photo by: Jack Buster]

Dylan Mullen—known in the kingdom of SoundCloud rap as Smokeasac—was a producer, collaborator and confidante to Lil Peep, the figure who made the greatest effect on emo-rap culture. Today, Smoke is taking his skills and stepping front and center with the video for his new track, “Never Mind,” directed by Miguel “Miggy” Sandoval.

“I wrote ‘Never Mind’ from the place of how it feels to lose someone close to you,” Smokeasac says about the song. “When you’re in a relationship of any kind, a bond forms between you and that person. When that person is gone, you get thrown into a crisis where you have to find who you are without that connection, and you need a way to cope at the same time. I feel like the video really depicts those emotions in an abstract and beautiful way.”

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Director Sandoval echoes Smoke’s sentiments with a sense of melancholy and redemption. “Working on this video meant a lot to me,” he begins. “It’s funny how the universe works. All the imagery presented was a reflection of how I felt at the time of production. Dealing with real-life stuff in the background, the song was a perfect outlet for those feelings. I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate. [It] was a pleasure working with Smoke, and this is only the beginning.”

“Never Mind” was released earlier this month following previous dual release “BLACKOUT!” and “Losing My Mind” earlier this year.

No stranger to a dedicated work ethic, Smokeasac is going big this year. In addition to performing at the Reading Leeds festival in the U.K. in August, he’ll follow that with a European tour. His proper debut album is slated for release later this fall.

Check out the new “Never Mind” video from Smokeasac below.