The 21 stages of the emotional rollercoaster that is seeing your favorite band live
[Photos via YouTube/Twitter]

If you’ve ever seen your favorite band in concert, you know the emotional rollercoaster all too well. There’s the anxiety of getting tickets, the excitement of snagging a front-row spot, the euphoria of hearing them play and the sadness when it’s over way too soon.

Seeing your favorite band live is a process, no matter who they are. There are shared experiences we all have, even if we have different favorite bands, that makes going to your favorite band’s concert all too familiar. We’ve described what it’s like below for you to relive it all again, or to warn you what it might be like when you finally see your favorite band in concert.

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1. You go through the stressful process of getting the tickets.

You have to make sure they are touring in a city you can go to, you need to find someone to go with, you need to make sure you are free on that date, etc. It’s quite a process, but if all the stars align, it is so worth it.

2. You feel sweet relief, but also a pain in your bank account.

It’s exciting to know that you’re going, but the initial sting of dropping a bunch of money on tickets hurts.

3. You listen to every song ever made by the band.

Because if they play that obscure track off that one album no one but you remembers, you will know all of the words. Studying is important, kids.

4. You figure out what you’re going to wear.

Are you going to wear one of the band’s shirts? Make your own? Dress up or look casual? These are extremely important questions that take a lot of consideration.

5. You get the Christmas Eve feeling the night before.

You know you’re not going to be able to sleep. There’s just no way. If you do happen to finally fall asleep, you have dreams about the band pulling you onstage or something like that, which is pretty exciting. You also probably wake up multiple times throughout the night hoping it’s morning already.

6. It’s the day, and you can’t hold in your excitement.

You can’t believe you have to go through a whole day before the show. If you have to work or go to school, you know you won’t be even a little bit focused. The time seems to move slow as you countdown to the big moment.

7. You get to the venue (probably way too early) and wait in line.

You have to make sure you have the best spot in the pit, so you show up at least two hours early. You are at the front of the line and don’t mind waiting, because you’re about to have the best night of your life.

8. You hope that while waiting in this line, your favorite band happen to walk by or come out to show appreciation for your dedication.

Come on, we’ve all thought it. Chances are slim, but it does happen sometimes. If it did, your entire life would be made.

9. You get in and claim the best spot ever.

A wait well worth it.

10. You and your friends take turns headed to the merch table while someone holds down your amazing spot.

Because you have to buy a T-shirt to commemorate this experience, and you will probably wear it for at least seven days straight.

11. You listen to the opener.

Depending on who it is, you might be into the band or you might not. Either way, you’re probably not as excited for them as you are for the headliner, so it’s kind of just something you have to get through. But you should do as Hayley Williams says and show support to the opener, even though you’re excited about the headlining act.