nightmare before christmas
[Photo via Nightmare Before Christmas/Disney]

It’s officially spooky season meaning it’s time for haunted houses, an obnoxious amount of candy and creepy classics we all can enjoy. Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is a must-watch with a soundtrack that gets stuck in your head throughout the entire month of October. What better way to get yourself into the Halloween mood than by jamming some badass covers from the classic film by some of your favorite artists.

Check out some of these impressive Nightmare Before Christmas covers below!

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1. “This Is Halloween” – Marilyn Manson

The perfect level of creepy that this song needs to get you in the Halloween mood.

2. “What’s This?” – Flyleaf

Flyleaf take “What’s This” and bring it to a whole new emotional level that we can’t get enough of.

3. “Kidnap The Sandy Claws” – Korn

If “creepy rock” was a genre, this would fit in perfectly. It’s both terrifying and fantastic.

4. “Making Chrismas” – Rise Against

Rise Against manage to keep the original feel to the song while still giving it that RA edge fans enjoy so much.

5. “What’s This?” – Fall Out Boy

A song so fitting for Fall Out Boy considering Patrick is the Stumpkin King (HAHA… sorry).

6. “Poor Jack” – Plain White T’s

Plain White T’s do a fantastic job of channeling their inner Jack for this one.

7. “This Is Halloween” – Panic! At The Disco

If you’re looking for a calm, creepy and seductive version of “This Is Halloween” then you’ve found it.