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Behind the scenes of When We Were Young’s sophomore year

We rubbed elbows with pop-punk royalty and caught up with our favorite bands.

Plain White T's announce new self-titled album

The band also shared the new single “Red Flags.”

10 legendary drum intros that will always be instantly recognizable

If there’s one indisputable truth in this world, it’s that alternative music has no shortage of iconic drummers. Quite literally setting the beat for the genre, these artists put the power behind some of our favorite tracks. And boy, do we love getting a taste for it right from the top with some badass drum […]

Cardi B is the first female rapper to achieve this major music milestone

Back in 2017, Cardi B took the music world by a storm with her hit single “Bodak Yellow.” Now, it looks like the song is still dominating playlists and setting records four years later. This week, “Bodak Yellow” was certified diamond by the RIAA, making Cardi B the first-ever female rapper to achieve this milestone. […]

10 new bands founded by scene icons that you might not have heard of

We may be a good decade out from the height of the scene heyday, but that doesn’t mean our favorite artists are anywhere past their prime. In fact, a good number of them have been extending their talents by forming new bands and side projects. Unless they’re getting broad recognition like Simple Creatures, however, these […]

10 lyrics from the 2000s that you definitely used for a Facebook status

We’re often guilty of being overly reminiscent of the 2000s, a time when we were able to be our peak scene kid selves. The 2000s were marked by several monumental moments, particularly involving the internet and social media. Read more: Instagram really doesn’t want you to need any other social media platform While we’re Myspace […]

10 times alternative artists unexpectedly appeared on children's shows

Believe it or not, some of your favorite musicians have made cameos or are even heavily involved with the making of popular children’s shows and teen series. In fact, just look at Bowling For Soup, who co-wrote and sang the iconic theme song to Disney‘s Phineas And Ferb, or Jack White, who played and sang […]

10 alternative artists who embraced electronica for a whole new sound

The incorporation of electronic sounds into alternative music is hardly a new phenomenon. In the mid-2000s, bands such as Cobra Starship and 3OH!3 made names for themselves in the scene with their synth-heavy infusions. And while the resulting “neon” era seemed to be short-lived, these artists were largely ahead of their time. With the mainstream […]

10 musician-backed causes to support this Giving Tuesday

Now that we have all (safely) celebrated Thanksgiving with friends or family and shopped all the best Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals, Giving Tuesday is upon us. Giving Tuesday first started in 2012 and soon became a global movement. It encourages people to do good and give back to the people […]

These 10 soundtracks might be better than the movies they were from

When movie adaptations and remakes are released, they usually generate the same initial response. “Was it better than the book?” “Is it as good as the comic?” We’re guilty of that, too. But really, we’re the ones asking if the soundtrack was any good. It’s that mindset  that inspired this countdown of soundtracks that might […]

This "Hey There Delilah" tweet just went viral thanks to Cardi B

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s new collaboration “WAP” has taken over the internet since its release last week. The single’s video has earned over 70 million views in just four days and has also been at the center of some controversy. This week, Cardi B showed her approval for a recent “WAP” tweet that […]

Here's 20 iconic guitar riffs from the 2000s you’ll recognize immediately

What’s that old saying? “What goes around comes around?” All we’re saying is that plenty of new things grow out of old soil. We saw how the ’90s grunge scene killed the hair-farming aspects of ’80s metal. So it was inevitable that the next gen of rockers would marry sick riffs with expanded guitar shredding. […]

Here are the 20 greatest guitar riffs from the 2000s

If the flannelly, lo-fi nature of ’90s grunge killed the hairspray bravado of ’80s hair metal, then the 2000s definitely brought back some of its technicality and musicianship. The first decade of this century showcased way more than 20 perfect examples of a timeless guitar riff. It was quite difficult narrowing this list down, but […]

Watch Frank Iero, Plain White T's and more cover Ramones for charity

A ton of our favorite musicians just linked up for a project called Rock For Hope. Rock For Hope aims to raise money for charity by posting videos of rock musicians collaborating.  When we say a ton, we mean it. Rock For Hope just released a Ramones cover consisting of Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance), […]

Here are the bands performing at Fearless Records’ livestream event

Fearless Records just announced their alternative star-studded lineup for their livestream event Fearless at Home. Artists such as As It Is, Grayscale, Ice Nine Kills, Locket, Plain White T’s, Set It Off, The Almost, The Plot In You, The Pretty Reckless, and Wage War will be performing acoustic sets. Read more: Fans could still see […]

10 times Post Malone proved he could sing anything

By now, we all either know, or need to accept, that Post Malone can do anything. Even though he’s one of the most popular rappers right now, he dabbles with everything, from collaborating with artists such as Ozzy Osbourne to working on projects with brands such as Crocs and Bud Light.  He’s larger than life, but […]

10 songs you can learn to play from your favorite bands

The current state of the world has left us with a lot of free time on our hands, and apparently the same goes for some of our favorite bands. Because they can’t go on tour or record live in a studio with other artists, they’ve gotten creative with different livestream performances to keep fans entertained.  One […]

Plain White T’s are releasing a new rendition of “Hey There Delilah”

It has been 15 years since the release of the critically acclaimed Plain White T’s album All That We Needed. To celebrate, Craft Recordings has announced an expanded edition of the album that features unreleased recordings. Reissued digitally across all major streaming and digital platforms, the album will be released on April 10th. Included in […]

14 new live performance streams and movies to watch this week

We’re well into this new temporary way of life of being stuck at home due to coronavirus. Retail stores, bars, restaurants and now movie theaters have closed their doors to the public. This means you’ve probably been sitting inside cycling through the same TV and movie options on Netflix and Hulu, as well as music […]

Plain White T's pick favorite "Hey There Delilah" meme, talk song's legacy

The Plain White T’s will live on famously or infamously for years to come. Their 2005 hit “Hey There Delilah” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2007 and grabbed them two Grammy Awards in 2008. Most massively popular songs of the mid-2000s came and went with the seasons. But not “Hey There Delilah”. The Plain […]
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