[Photos by: bookpixie, Ready To Take On The World, Hey Wanderer, Trash To Couture, All Day Chic and Pinterest]

After a while, the inevitable happens to a music fan: Those band T-shirts that you waited an hour for in a merch line or meticulously chose off the wall at Hot Topic begin to stack up and lose their luster. But there’s no reason they should waste away on a shelf—inject new life into that All Time Low T-shirt from 2009 with these 10 easy repurposing ideas below.

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Tote bag
t-shirt tote bag
Want to switch out that old backpack and also show off your love for Pierce The Veil? Try out this no-sew T-shirt tote bag tutorial. It only requires a pair of scissors and some patience.

Corset T-shirt
corset t-shirt
As the photo above explains, just grab a slice of ribbon and a T-shirt you want to refresh, cut some tiny holes in the back and weave to create a corset effect.

t-shirt pillow
Make your old band T-shirt a talking piece with these simple sew or no-sew pillow tutorials. 

t-shirt quilt
Display all your favorite band T-shirts in one place by sewing together a T-shirt quilt, a perfect accent to your poster-covered bedroom walls.

t-shirt art framed tees
Speaking of those walls, frame your favorite Green Day merch with T-shirt art, a classy addition to your bedroom decor. All you need is a canvas, scissors, a staple gun and a few minutes.