twenty one pilots chlorine music video

Following the theme of making our heads hurt, twenty one pilots dropped a fresh Clancy letter (and an edited version later) just before releasing their cryptic new music video for “Chlorine.”

twenty one pilots fans have been ripping their hair out trying to make sense of the video and letter and the correlation between the two (if there is any at all).
Here are some of the best theories the Clique has concocted…so far.

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“Chlorine” and “My Blood” are part of a trilogy (similar to “Levitate,” “Jumpsuit” and “Nico And The Niners”).
 …and the skeletons from “My Blood” might be the reflection we see in the pool in “Chlorine.”

And “Cut My Lip” might be the next video for the supposed trilogy…
 …or maybe “Morph.”
 Or the chlorine reveals their “true selves,” morphing them from skeletons…
 But maybe Ned will be the one morphing?

Anyone else feels that feels that Ned will evolve into a demon of some kind? from r/twentyonepilots

Or does Ned represent Tyler’s true self?
 Unless Ned is actually the Clique…

Or even Tyler’s writing process in general…
chlorine writing
[Photo via Reddit u/rokane21]
Or it could be even deeper than that…
 And despite carrying a cup for most of the video, Tyler never drinks it…

chlorine cup
[Photo via Reddit u/deltazer09]
What is your theory for twenty one pilots’ latest video? Let us know in the comments below!